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Eating Healthy Having a healthy diet is very important, so you can imagine how vital it is for you to eat well, especially when trying to get pregnant. Junk food isn’t you friend at this point in time, and should be prevented at all cost while trying to get pregnant. Completely mitigate your unhealthy food habits, and make sure you make healthier food choices for your new diet. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and remember your baby would thank you with strong bones and radiant skin.

balanced diet
Exercise (strengthen your body) Being in shape leads to a stronger and healthier body, therefore exercising your body before pregnancy helps you to get rid of unnecessary stored body fat and makes you more fit. It also contributes to a stress-free and safe pregnancy.
Manage your stress Stress is a natural occurrence for every human being, but it has to be managed if you want to get pregnant in a timely fashion. Also, it has to be minimized while you’re pregnant in order not to loose it.
Use supplements Folic acid is a very good supplement to add to your diet. It has been proven to be vital in making sure babies grow and develop healthily. It’s however good to get this nutrient into your system as early as possible, before and after pregnancy.
Find a doctor Starting a good relationship early with an OB/GYN or certified midwife will help you a lot, it will give you an opportunity to choose someone you like and you are comfortable with.

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